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Afterspot © 

Ultimate tool for 100% reach of personalized commercial TV advertising. True gem.

Afterspot - new tool for 100% reach TV Ad

What is Afterspot© ?

The Afterspot© is a finest targeting module for Addressable TV technology enabling to define user-centric advertising based on the TV viewers behavior. It design perfect symbiosis between linear and non-linear content distribution.


It works on the principle of communication with a TV device which either have watched or have not watched the linear broadcast advert spot, TV show or programe. Based on this interconnection, Afterspot© runs ads accordingly with the defined objective of the campaign (reach, frequency, etc.).



Reach and Frequency optimalisation of TV Ads



Boost Revenues

High Tech

Massively increase TV advertising revenues 

Probably the hottest Big Data technology on the TV & Media market



Redefinates the television market

Methods of usage

There are a number of methods how to use the Afterspot©  at its best. Our company recommends the use of this tool across TV broadcaster departments (sales, program, marketing, management and others).


Widespread use of the tool will bring the company not only direct sales revenues, but also will have significant positive outcomes on TV viewers satisfaction and comfort. 

  • Optimization of linear TV Ads (GRPs)

  • Advertising reach optimization

  • Frequency effectivity

  • Increased deferred viewership

  • Increased AVOD & TVOD & SVOD

  • Higher brand awareness

  • Improved programe planing 

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Impact on the reach curve

This is critical. The Afterspot© technology and its business impact is best illustrated with using a reach curve, which defines the percentage of target group intervention depending on the total volume of the campaign size. The curve can use two values, GRP (TRP) and currency.

The objective of Afterspot© in the campaign is to improve the intervention effectiveness on the target group, for which Afterspot© uses the method of targeting only specific viewers who have not seen the spot using a linear broadcast, yet. At the same time, this method omits viewers who have already seen the spot. This maximizes audience intervention over the time in effective way.


As a result TV broadcaster delivers way better results in terms of reach, frequency and post-buy data to its advertisers or agency.

Get ahead of the competition. Far ahead.

Claim the hottest tool for linear TV optimization.

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