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Let's get your revenues, data and interaction started!

Best fits:

Single TV channel or group of TV channels with less than 300.000 connected TVs or month subscribers or a few channels under 2% market share.

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Direct sales up to 5.000.000 IMP

Advertising platform Hybrid AD's enables monetization by Direct Sales. Includes inventory management, effective targeting advertising and new sales revenues. Loved by advertisers and sales personnel.

Includes following Modules & features:

Programatic RTB advertising

Hybrid AD's enriched by auction bidding mechanism that allows advertisers to buy online ads programmaticaly via DSPs such Adform. Automatic and effortless revenues

Learn more about Programatic RTB advertising.

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Customer service & Helpdesk

Our helpdesk is here for you, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day to help you with sales support, campaigns management, back-office troubleshooting, data and statistics. Give a call or drop us an email. 

Statistics & Reports

Data are must for everyone. You, advertisers or media agency. We make great reports for you and your partners. Want some special report? No worries.

Learn more about Statistics & Reports.

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