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Channel Lister© 

Analytical module for TV channel's market coverage & penetration.

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What is Channel Lister©?

Channel Lister© is an analytical component of the Hybrid AD's platform collecting technical data from the Addressable TV sets.


This service collects, evaluates and visualize information about individual TV device, thus creating anonymous individual profile. Then collects and aggregates information about channel coverage, market penetration, channels comparison and much more. All is executed in the real-time regime.

Improve your knowledge about TV viewers and improve your position on the TV market.




Data are collected without  viewer's interaction. Non abusive





Fast data collection and evaluation

Measurement takes place on all TVs on the market giving the whole picture

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You can focus on TV devices that do not achieve the desired result

What is it good for?

The Channel Lister© serves as an analytical tool for determining the current status of channels, including their order in the viewer's programe list and the method of distribution.

This tool also includes the ability to improve the penetration, order and popularity of a particular TV channel. This tool can help to achieve better coverage and reach for particular TV stations, namely to those who has limited coverage and distribution.

With Channel Lister©, TV broadcaster has a great chance to improve its position on market.

  • Information about TV channel penetration & coverage

  • Penetration increase due to targeted advertising

  • Viewers' TV channels preferences

  • TV channel distribution on the market overview

  • Aggregate TV devices information

AddressableTV - channel lister


The Channel Lister© is a component of Hybrid AD's advertising platform, in which, during the bidding mechanism, our system collects data about the end TV device. In case the component of Channel Lister is integrated, the end TV device is enriched with the information about List of Channels, its TV channel position and distribution network.

Great tool to improve knowledge about your TV viewers.

Improve your TV channels position

and discover more about TV viewers.

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