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HbbTV Applications

Interactive advertising with outstanding results for HbbTV.

HbbTV App by Hybrid - Emirates

What is HbbTV Application?

HbbTV application is a new interactive method of advertising products and services displayed directly on a TV screen. Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to precisely target or re-market this type of advertising. We employ full online measurements when real-time data is collected and delivered to the client. The most frequent way is its access via Red Button or online banner that includes advertising message on the TV screen. 


Every single piece of application is tailor made. We enrich the client's idea and goal with our deep know-how in the field of Addressable TV advertising. 


TV viewer.png


Interactive advertising on the biggest screen in the household



Data oriented


Data collection based on online data matrix. Real-time stats

Possible to combine with targeting methods to address the audience



Unique knowledge in UI/UX solution and expertise. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Type of applications

There are many types of application each designed for its declared purpose. It can be designed for easy message distribution, video to be watched, questionnaire, leads collection, e-commerce solutions and many more.

Feel free to choose a solution that suits you the best.

  • Static message app

  • Questionnaire for the TV viewer

  • Videoapplication

  • Leads collection app

  • E-commerce solution app

  • Interactive catalogue

  • Product presentation

HbbTV App by Hybrid for O2

App development pioneers

Hybrid develops AddressableTV apps (HbbTV and SmartTV) since 2015. We are one of the first companies in the Europe that foresaw huge potential of interaction on the TV screen and its potential for commercial utility. 

We have developed over 400 apps for both leading advertisers and brands of the world and local nationwide clients. We have designed apps for all kinds of customers from #automotive, #telco, #energy, #banking to #consumerbrands, #fmcg or #localservices.

Discover interactive advertising on the TV

Not just extraordinary impressive, but also effective.

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