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Óčko is converting video advertising in HbbTV to GRP.

Updated: Mar 6

The television group Óčko and Hybrid company are recalculating delivered video advertising on the HbbTV platform equivalently to television GRP.

The television group Óčko and the technology company Hybrid utilize data from the official measurement of non-linear digital video content PEM-D to calculate advertising GRP. This measures the delivery of non-linear video advertising via the HbbTV platform (red button). It's a solution that connects linear and non-linear video advertising, evaluated in the online equivalent of television currency GRP.

"This innovation is another step towards the symbiosis of 'classic' linear television and non-linear television services, which will be even more effective and powerful for advertisers," said Štěpán Wolde, CEO of Óčko.

"In development, we fully respected the standards of official television audience measurement using the PEM-D method. The resulting data is modified using coefficients of the official viewership of our station, and thus, we present the campaign result to the client using an analogous 'GRP,'" said Hana Dolečková, Head of Data & Research at Óčko.

"We are at the beginning of the digital revolution in the television market, in the battle against global streaming platforms, where broadcasters are transforming into data-driven companies. And this is just the beginning of this journey. Another significant shift will occur with the launch of our technological data service Afterspot, which will deliver video advertising to viewers who either didn't see the linear spot or saw it insufficiently frequently. This will result in additional incremental campaign impact through video advertising, which is the equivalent of incremental GRP. For now, we simply call it SuperGRP," outlined Lukáš Hnilička, CEO of Hybrid.

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