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Hybrid Receives 2x Shortlist Nominations for HbbTV Awards!

Hybrid has been nominated for 8th HbbTV Awards in Greece

Annual and the most prestigious HbbTV event will be held on October 21st in Athens. Representatives on the company will attend the event personally in order to present the ceremony and hopefully claim its 2nd or even 3rd Award in the company history.

This year Hybrid was nominated in the category of Best use of HbbTV for advertising and promotion with its work Emirates Match, where TV users had a chance to generate its favourite destination for its holiday. Client: Emirates, Agency: Médea (CZ).

Second nomination was its highly recognized work for public broadcasters CzechRadio and its Audio-On-Demand archive as it stood one of the very first projects interconnecting audio services with TV distribution services. Second nomination belongs in the category of Best use of HbbTV for enhanced TV services. Client: Český Rozhlas

Hybrid has already received HbbTV Awards in 2017 in the category of The Best Use of HbbTV For Advertising & Promotion together with its partnering company R2B2 with its revolutionary employment of Programmatic Advertising in HbbTV.

Let’s cross fingers for The Hybrid in Athens!



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