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Nova expands social networks into HbbTV, introduces Social TV

Updated: Mar 6

The Nova Group introduces the Social TV application as part of hybrid broadcasting (HbbTV), expanding the services of the red button.

Viewers with smart TVs connected to the internet can activate the new feature using the red button. The Social TV application allows the collection of photos from Instagram based on a designated hashtag and displays them directly on the television screen. The application debuted in connection with the miniseries Iveta, whose first episode premiered on Voyo on Friday, May 6th. Viewers can explore materials from the filming, related links, and everything they would find under the respective hashtags #malomeznas and #ivetanavoyo on Instagram.

"HbbTV technology, also known as the red button, represents the advantages of integrating television broadcasting, the internet, and now social networks. HbbTV is one of the fastest-growing technologies, reaching over 2.4 million viewers," says Iva Dohnálková, HbbTV business development manager.

In March of this year, the red button's offerings were expanded with the Nova Lady tile, primarily designed for viewers unable to tune in to the Nova Lady channel through other means. Another addition this year was the inclusion of the TN Live news channel.

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