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Ukranian UA:PBC now broadcasts globally via SmartTV app and HbbTV.

Prague March 16th 2022

Ukrainian public broadcaster Sepilne, also widely known as UA:PBC, is now available globally for all AndroidTV supported devices and HbbTV app. Within days, an application will be available for Samsung and LG TVs, developed by the Hybrid Company of the Czech Republic with support from Kaltura.

All applications include the original live broadcast of Sepilne’s primary Channel 1, covering mainly live news and journalistic themes. The channel broadcasts in its native Ukrainian language. It is available in 175 countries with no charge, with no need for registration. The HbbTV application is free to use for any TV broadcaster who may include it as part of their “red button” services.

Situation in Ukraine is critical, as we all know. When you see Ukrainian’s TV towers under heavy fire, it is just a matter of time how long TV broadcasting might last. Along with that, there are plenty of people who escaped to other countries and are still missing news from their homeland,” which describes the intention of the project Lukáš Hnilička, CEO Hybrid Company, authors and developers of the project.

Both the development and submission have been spontaneous and quick since its inception. Namely, the platform’s authorization process is a time-demanding. However, the approval is record-fast because of its priority and due to effective communications. We are very excited about that success, as well the fact that Kaltura has become part of the project,” adds Hnilička.

For free use of the HbbTV application of UA:PBC, please contact the Hybrid Company at .

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