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Programme & Timeshift

EPG with additional VOD functions for the best TV experience.

TV Programme and Timeshift for AddressableTV

What is Programme & Timeshift?

Programme & Timeshift is an application for Addressable TV, which clearly displays the TV programme both future and past. The advantage of the TV guide is the possibility to watch show as timeshift. TV viewer can choose a programme and watch it instantly.



Increases awareness of broadcast programme




Increases reach and viewership of TV shows 

Increases monetization of shows using advertising



Collects detailed viewership data

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Video & Audio player

Essential component of each Timeshift is special Video player adjusted for Addressable TVs. Hybrid Company includes its self-developed Player to its applications. It has been tested on more than 120 different devices from 16 manufacturers assuring easy compactibility with more than 99% TV sets on the market. 

Make the most of your TV shows

Get a clear TV programme together with a great Timeshift feature.

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