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 All your AddressableTV Apps whenever you want, at one place, always at disposal.

Reptilia Hybrid Company

What is Reptilia©?

Reptilia© is an interactive tool for presentation and testing purposes. It serves to TV broadcasters, media agencies and TV advertisers to be always at disposal. This service collects AddressableTV apps and campaigns to a single place to be always at disposal directly to any TV screen. Reptilia© can be displayed privately just only for the client purpose, none from the public has access to it.


Reptilia© is personalized tool. Managed and adjusted based on the client needs.






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Real environment

Interactive tool with instant access


All Apps and campaigns at single place, always disposal

Private view only for clients. Possible to display to the third parties

Displayed directly on the TV interface

How to use Reptilia© ?

The Reptialia©  tool is used to view campaigns and applications on real environment (TV screen) with possibility of interaction. Reptilia© is used in favor of the sales department, development & testing department, research or decision-making processes.


With this tool, you can show anyone your current or historical campaign or any version of the application.

  • Sales presentation

  • Campaign presentation

  • Apps presentation

  • Campaign testing

  • Developers' App testing

  • Research

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Reptilia© operates on the cloud services basis with unique URL Link of IP Address targeting. This technology secures it display only to limited number of TV devices, the clients one. It is  instantly accessible service in which any of change is display in real-time regime. To be displayed it is necessary to have a TV set connected to the internet with support of HbbTV.

Put all campaigns and Apps on TV screen

Be ready for testing and presenting with Reptilia© 

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