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SmartTV Applications

Content and commercial apps for Smart TVs.

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What is SmartTV Application?

SmartTV application is a new interactive method of advertising products or services that is displayed on a TV screen. Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to target or remarket this type of advertising. Thanks to online measurements, real-time data is collected. 


We develop SmartTV application for following platforms and brands:

#LG, #Samsung, #Android, #Apple.



Interactive advertising on the biggest screen in the household


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Data oriented


Precise data collection based on online system. Real-time stats

We focus on precise UI/UX solution to 100% user's and client's satisfaction

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We are long-term partners oriented to constantly upgrade to its perfection

Type of applications

SmartTV application can fulfill area of goals and outcomes. ​Among others, SmartTV's cornerstone is video. Most of application are video based accompanied with additional services and benefits, however the core remains unchanged - user wants to see video with something additional. 

  • Video based portal for brands

  • OTT based solutions

  • Streaming services

  • Video aggregation services

  • Sport service content & videos

  • AVOD/TVOD/SVOD solutions

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Years of App development experience

We developed our first SmartTV application back in 2016. Since that we have delivered tens of SmartTV application for ​wide range of customers such as streaming services, TV broadcasters, content owners, media and other publishers.

There is no better place for video than SmartTV

Don't you want to be part of it?

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