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Tech & Data

Performance driven by live TV data

Hybrid Ecosystem

1 architecture, 8 modules, 22 databases for gigabites of daily data, endless endpoints and APIs, 3x data visualisation tools and much more. A perfect home for Addressable TV.







Measurement & Advertising

Let's create a single household profile and measure effectively your TV audience .Enjoy premium targeting, reach improvement or optimization of linear TV Ads (GRPs) and maximize revenue yields.

A new generation of advertising and monetization for the television screen. Full support for both direct sales and programmatic RTB.


Turn the largest screen in the house to the interactive, personalized and profitable media. Loved by people.






  • TV linear GRPs ads boost

  • Premium audience inventory

  • 100% accurate measurement

  • Performance oriented

  • New revenue sources

  • 24/7/365 operability

Next Generation TV Measurement

A new, Next Gen method, to measure TV broadcast and media consumption radically better way. Thanks to this technology, you get unique viewership data and detailed information about individual household and its behavior matrix.

Are you seeking higher TV rating? Better viewership of the VOD archive? More effective advertising or perfect reach? We have a solution for you that is easy to adapt, cloud-based and GDPR safe.






GDPR friendly

All data is handled securely in accordance with GDPR rules. Data is securely collected, analyzed and, if necessary, stored so that it is not stolen or misused.

  • Multiple-stage security system

  • Data are stored within EU

  • Data are handled anonymously

  • No personal information are collected





Big Data Solution

We are master crafters of AddressableTV data. From its collecting, storing, segmentation and deep analytics to advanced transformation into high value added and simply visualized data for our clients.








We care about privacy

Data oriented

100% Cloud

To deliver the best outcomes

No hardware needed


AI helps us with routine

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