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We Support Ukraine

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About app UA: Pershyy

Designed for Smart TV devices, the apps include live broadcasts from Ukraine's main Channel 1 station, covering mainly live news and journalism. The station broadcasts in Ukrainian and is available without restrictions in more than 175 countries, free of charge, with no registration required. The HbbTV app is freely distributable to domestic and foreign broadcasters, who can include it in their "red button" service.

We developed SmartTV application for following platforms:

#Android TV, #Samsung Tizen, #LG WebOS, #HbbTV.

Samsung AppStore logo
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Android TV

Samsung Tizen

LG Webos

You can find the app in your TV's App Store or by clicking on the App Store logo.

You can find the app in your TV's App Store.

The app will soon be available in the App Store.

HbbTv logo


Click on the HbbTV logo to download the app.

Reason Why?

"The situation in Ukraine is critical, and when you see Ukrainian transmitters under fire, it's only a matter of time before TV news is available. At the same time, there are a lot of people who have fled the war and don't have news from home"


Lukas Hnilicka, CEO of Hybrid Company, who developed the free app for UA:PBC. 


Together we are stronger

Getting up and running was and is a quick and spontaneous event. In particular, the approval process tends to be a very time-consuming operation for platform operators. However, we manage to go through all processes with record speed and priority, which makes one happy. As well as the fact that the renowned American company Kaltura has become the infrastructure partner of the project.

Join us

If anyone would like to join us in our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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