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Virtual Channel© 

Let's create a TV channel for Addressable TVs within 10 mins. Channel launcher service.

Virtual Channel by Hybrid Company

What is Virtual Channel© ?

Virtual Channel©  is a technological service for instant launch digital channels to AddressableTV platforms. It serves for all TV Broadcasters, Operators and other media owners. This service easily converts any video into a TV channel that is later broadcasted as VOD on TV sets. TV viewers then has another TVOD channel at his hand.


Virtual Channel©  is automatically accompanied with Hybrid Videoplayer, consisting of multiple video services such as Time-Shift, Replay, Rewind  in order to control the video for the best user experience.


10 mins

Easy way to get channel On-air within 10 minutes



TV autonomous 


No need for additional TV distribution. All is online based

Low operation costs, great results



Instant channel management & updates


Discover the benefits of a Virtual Channel© , including its comfort features. This will allow you to offer your TV viewers an even better video experience.

Virtual Channel©  service automatically includes several video functions for the best TV watching experience. Play it from start, rewind, shift to any frame and many more.

  • Play/Pause

  • Replay/Rewind

  • Time-shift

  • Video quality settings

  • Recommendation engine

  • More videos/other channels

  • TVOD & AVOD business models

Usage options

Create your TV channel for permanent or temporary occasion and event.

Virtual channel - Olympic game
Virtual channel - ice hokey
Virtual channel - Documentary
Virtual channel for kids - pernament

Olympics game channel

Ice-hokey champion channel

Document channel

Kids channel

Technology of Virtual channel


All the process chain is virtual. The online content is sourced mainly via API to Hybrid, our cloud system Harvester aggregates the content and then transforms into AddressableTV application. 


Hence it delivers the content in the form of virtual channel to the end device. Easy, scalable, automatic.

Create your Virtual Channel© 

Ready to launch new channels and video services? Do not hesitate clicking below.

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