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Advertising in SMART TV

Empowering Brands for Maximum Impact

Why advertise in SMART TV?

Elevate Your Brand’s Visibility Are you ready to elevate your brand’s visibility and unlock supreme advertising opportunities in the CEE region? Join us in celebrating this game-changing collaboration and seize the chance to amplify your brand’s impact.

Hybrid unlocks unparalleled advertising inventory as the exclusive ad sales house Hybrid takes centre stage as the exclusive ad sales house for Hisense Vidaa Smart TV inventory in the region. As a renowned global technology giant, Hisense Vidaa leads the smart TV domain, delivering cutting-edge entertainment experiences to millions of viewers worldwide. Paired with Hybrid’s expertise in data-driven advertising strategies, this partnership enhances campaign effectiveness by seamlessly connecting brands with a vast viewership.

How Empowering Brands for Maximum Impact?

By leveraging the combined strength of Hybrid state-of-the-art advertising solutions and the extensive reach of Hisense Vidaa Smart TVs, this partnership empowers brands with unparalleled advertising effectiveness and customer engagement. Whether it involves delivering personalized ads or creating captivating content experiences, this collaboration ushers in a new era of advertising effectiveness and customer engagement.

About us

About VIDAA VIDAA is a dynamic technology company founded in 2019 by the Hisense Group. They specialize in developing the innovative VIDAA Smart TV OS and Content Platform. With a consumer-centric approach, VIDAA aims to deliver an immersive and intuitive smart TV experience. By pushing the boundaries of technology and fostering collaboration, VIDAA is transforming the future of entertainment. To learn more about VIDAA, click here. 


Hybrid is a leading provider of targeted TV advertising solutions, revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audiences. With a data-driven approach and state-of-the-art technology, Hybrid empowers advertisers to deliver personalized and impactful campaigns. Our strategic partnerships, such as with VIDAA TV Hisense Europe, enable us to offer advanced advertising opportunities. By leveraging our expertise and industry-leading solutions, Hybrid is transforming the TV advertising landscape, driving results and maximizing brand impact.

There is no better place for advertising than SMART TV

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