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Advertising in SMART TV

CTV Placements in Smart TV


CTV Video

Premium in-stream video ads on millions of  Smart TVs across CTV inventory within TV  and premium OTT apps.

Native Ads

Capture viewers’ attention from the moment they turn on their  TV and inspire action with impactful ad formats seamlessly integrated throughout the  TV native UI.

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How Empowering Brands for Maximum Impact?

By leveraging the combined strength of Hybrid state-of-the-art advertising solutions and the extensive reach of Smart TVs, this partnership empowers brands with unparalleled advertising effectiveness and customer engagement. Whether it involves delivering personalized ads or creating captivating content experiences, this collaboration ushers in a new era of advertising effectiveness and customer engagement.

Our vendors

Leverage our partnerships with LG and Samsung to maximize your brand's presence across the CEE region. Our platforms are synonymous with quality, innovation, and reach, providing a premium environment for your CTV campaigns.

LG Smart TV

Capitalize on LG's Smart TV offerings, where advanced features and a wide viewership create an ideal backdrop for your brand's story to unfold.



Expand your reach with Samsung Smart TVs, known for their high-quality viewing experience and extensive user base. Samsung's sophisticated platform offers an array of advertising possibilities to meet your campaign objectives.

Cases of Our Clients

There is no better place for advertising than SMART TV

Don't you want to be part of it?

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