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All your data in one place.


What is Numbers©?

Numbers© is an analytical tool that collects and displays data from the Addressable TV environment in one place. Numbers runs on a web interface and is secured by a logging system. Real-time data can be displayed anywhere, anytime and only to those who have permission.


The data is displayed both numerically and in the form of graphs and is accessible at the level of the media owner, media agency, client and individual campaigns. 




Easy-to-understand statistics, reports and results all in one place




Real-time data accessible 24/7 via website interface

Access only to permitted personnel 

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Got lost? No worries, our customer service is at your hand 8/5

What type of data is included?

The Numbers© contains Big Data Matrix. All data are segmented and divided for different type of user. We provide data for Media and Publishers, Advertisers and Media Agencies so it is sure everyone gets its right outcomes. 


Each level contains data about inventory, users,

channels, impressions, clicks rates, reach, frequencies and much more.

All the data are accessible according to permissions and are securely stored. All data are anonymous.

  • Market overview data

  • Channel related data

  • Anonymous user data

  • Campaign oriented data

  • Time period data

  • Time period data

Technology of Analytical Tool for AddressableTV


The technology is based on the Hybrid Ads ecosystem. Data on users, stations and campaigns are stored on the Hybrid Cloud, where they are regularly analyzed and processed.

Premium AddressableTV data and stats

Get an overview and make decisions based on AddressableTV data.

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