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Video & Audio archives

Tailor-made VOD & AOD archives for Addressable TVs.

Video a Audio archive for HbbTV, SmartTV and IPTV

What is Video & Audio archives?

Video & Audio archive is a cornerstone service for Addressable TV environment providing Video-On-demand and Audio-On-Demand content and contextual video related services. Video & Audio archives can be provided by Broadcasters or anyone who has a video or video content. The goal is to deliver its video or audio content to the end user, who can play its favorite show or programme, show or podcasts anytime he/she wants based on his preferences.

Nowadays the Video or Audio archives plays a key role in television broadcasting. More viewers watch VOD or lisen AOD insted of the linear broadcast, the more the videoarchive or audioarchive will be indispensable for TV broadcasters.

In addition the broadcaster has a great opportunity to deliver additional content, increase its additional values and, last but not least, increase its revenues based on the business model applied. 




Increases the reach of content and advertising





New source of advertising video inventory

A new kind of self marketing with the possibility of recommendation



Endless possibilities and creative options and technological functions

Key features

VOD & AOD Archives contains various technology features in order to achieve maximum user-friendly environment and comfort for TV viewer while using the maximum potential of provider's content, both video and audio.


  • Livestreaming

  • Time-shift

  • Search

  • User registration

  • Recommendation engine

  • Newsfeed & Push Notifications

  • Favorites

Business models

Not just a service. Our solution includes revenues oriented models. Choose and apply single or multiple business models: AVOD, SVOD and TVOD or audio alternatives AOD/SAOD/TAOD. 

SVOD streaming services for AddressableTV
Public radio broadcaster'AOD for AddressableTV
Esport TV portal for AddressableTV
TVOD sign-up page for AddressableTV

Client’s SVOD streaming services 

Public radio broadcaster’ AOD

E-sports TV portal

TVOD sign-up page

Video player for AddressableTV

Video & Audio player

Essential component of each VOD or AOD archives is Video our Audio player adjusted for Addressable TVs. Hybrid Company includes its self-developed Player to its applications. It has been tested on more than 120 different devices from 16 manufacturers assuring easy compactibility with more than 99% TV sets on the market. 

Extend your content to the AddressableTV platforms

Let's build your unique Video or Audio archive to kick your business up.

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