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Questions ©

 Real time voting, questioning and instant surveys for AddressableTVs.

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What is Questions©?

Hybrid Questions© is a Hybrid AD's module that serves for questioning and surveying TV viewers directly on the TV screen while having real-time statistics and reports.


Due to this services it is easy to find out TV viewers opinion for example on a certain hot topic that is On-air in linear broadcast. As well it is possible to collect TV viewers data and preference in long-term period.


Loved by News editors, Researchers and Marketers! 



Interactive in real-time with real-time statistics


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Huge base

Questioning only to selected audience. Easy management

Reach a large number of respondents in a short time in no-offending way



Launch DIY poll or survey within 10 mins On-air

Usage possibilities

There are number of ways how to effectively employ Numbers©. One is sure. People love to talk with the TV. Feel free to add any survey, poll or research in a blink and easily manage it while in the broadcast.


Numbers© is appreciated by most departments in the TV broadcaster media house. Starting questionnaire about brand awareness by Marketing, news product A/B testing by Sales or focus group poll by Research department. Especially loved by News Editors to get a quick feedback while TV News are On-air. And there are many more.

  • Commercial

  • Programming

  • News/Content

  • Marketing and self-promotion

  • Research

  • Technical


There are two most common ​approaches 

Quick Poll: displays automatically without TV viewers' action directly on the screen for limited time period - see right pic.

Full page Survey: announced by "Red Button" banner, thru which TV view goes to a fullpage questionnaire - see pic below.

Questions - Voting tool (icehokey)
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Option & Settings

Hybrid Questions© provides several set-up settings and targeting options in order to attract only desired target audience. Easy set-up, even easier management and great outcomes.

Poll and Surveys set-up is executed within secured web interface. Together with Survey set-up page, there is also real-time graphical statistics, reports and dashboard ready to be exported anytime. 

 Great way how to talk directly with TV viewers.

Do not miss the chance to talk to the TV viewers.

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