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Hybrid: Covid era brought rapid growth of AddressableTV campaigns

Prague 22.6. 2020 - Historically, the greatest interest in the hybrid advertising format switch-in came just after the end of Covid-19 restriction in Spring 2020. Hybrid handled 463% more campaigns in May than in the same period last year.

Although many analyzes predicted a negative development of advertising spending, HbbTV observed the opposite trend. The switch-in advertising format, which is displayed on the largest screen in the household (an interactive format on a television screen with the option of clicking into the client's application), recorded the historically highest number of impressions processed through the Hybrid AD‘s advertising system in the first month of restriction reduction. One of the most common messages was "Reopening." This ad-hoc opportunity was used by clients in the field of retail, shopping centers, but also, for example, automotive and others.

Hybrid, which develops and operates Hybrid AD’s addressable TV advertising system for more than 22 television stations in CEE, has seen the largest increase in commercial impressions since its inception. In the post-coid period, ie May 2020, Hybrid processed more than 33 million impressions in the Czech Republic (in contrast, in May 2019, less than 6 million impressions).

Between January-May 2020, Hybrid AD’s handled more than 144 million switch-in impressions (January-May 2019 over 46 million impressions), an increase of 211%. It is also worth mentioning the structure of impressions, in 2019 in the first 5 months 30% of commercial campaigns vs. 70% of self, in 2020 for the same period the ratio of commercial campaigns was 88% vs. 12% self promo media house. The year 2020 also brought a record in the performance of the campaign, when the best commercial campaign reached a click-through rate of 15.61% (in 2019, the best campaign had a CTR of 6.11%).

"We are very pleased that even in such a difficult period, the clients took advantage of the benefits that the advertising message in HbbTV brings. We have noticed an increased demand for the switch-in advertising format, primarily due to its rapid deployment, which can normally be handled in a matter of hours. The advantage of switch-in formats is also the possibility of geolocation targeting ", says Lukáš Hnilička, CEO of Hybrid, which operates Hybrid AD’s advertising system.

According to statistics from the Hybrid AD’s advertising system, more than 2.2 million unique viewers in the Czech Republic will be hit by the switch-in or the red button. Through the unique geotargeting function, viewers can only be reached in a certain area. Geolocation can target 14 regions, 96 districts or 2,166 cities and villages.

Geo-Targeting in the Czech Republic:

"The Covid situation is an example of an ever-changing environment that is pushing the market to be more flexible and emphasizes the flexibility of communication, including the possibility of rapid evaluation. We are glad that addressable television is the right choice in the area of ​​a rapidly changing communication environment. Our advertising systems are ready to respond quickly to the current situation, even in various regions and cities, ”adds Hnilička.

HbbTV advertising formats can be purchased through TV dealerships, but also via the R2B2 programming platform through Adform. Together, they launched a programmatic purchase in HbbTV in 2016 as the first in the world.

About Hybrid:

Hybrid Company a.s. has been working in the field of addressable television since 2015 and focuses on the commercial use and management of online space. It develops and operates the unique Hybrid AD’s advertising system, which is currently used by over 22 television stations in CEE. Hybrid Company is the holder of the award for the best HbbTV advert monetization solution from the HbbTV Symposia 2017 in Rome.

Data source: Hybrid AD’s 01-05 2019; Hybrid AD’s 01-05 2020

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