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The first e-sports application in Europe developed by Hybrid

Hybrid has introduced the first e-sports application for AddressableTVs. The application contains the most popular e-games and its creators expects great applause from the young target group, which is currently moving away from TV broadcasting. App was developed for Prima Group, leading broadcasting and media company in the Czech Republic.

„Two years ago, we had the initial idea to create an e-sports application for the Czech market after our first business visit to Asia, which is the gaming cradle, but we knew that the Czech market was not ready for e-sports. So far, we have followed the trends in the Asian market and gathered experience with creating applications. At the time of Covid-19, we saw an hugeincrease in e-sports in the Czech Republic and decided to use time period of quarantine to develop the design and UX of the first gaming application for Addressable TVs“, says CEO of Hybrid Lukáš Hnilička.

The uniquely designed application contains all current popular e-sports titles, their game records, livestreaming tournament results and a calendar with upcoming gaming events. The application is designed to be user-friendly for a young target group and all e-sports lovers.

“It would not be the Hybrid’s work, if e-sports is a plain service for the user. We focused also on the business aspect of the App. Therefore, it designs business revenues and profits for our client, which is vital part of what we do,” continues Hnilička.

“The application can be monetized in several ways, from commercial branding the entire application through product placement even to spot advertising. The target group of the application are young players who are a rare and valuable target group in the field of TV media. We are excited we created the first gaming application for the Czech-Slovak gaming company PlayZone, which is part of the FTV Prima media group”, states Lukáš Hnilička.

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